About Melissa Sornik

Melissa Sornik is the co-founder and president of Twice Exceptional Children's Advocacy, Inc. and has been working with gifted and 2e children and their families since 2003. A licensed clinician, Melissa earned her masters degree in social work from Fordham University with a specialization in children and families. She has developed programs for 2e children and adolescents, facilitated professional development sessions for the Achilles Project for 2e college students at Nassau Community College, has authored several articles on the subject of twice exceptionality, and has conducted lectures and parent workshops at local school districts and national conferences including the first online course on 2e for NASW (National Association of Social Workers) NY Chapter. She is a 2e consultant for school districts and private schools, and has been a parent education workshop facilitator for Ramapo Training and has conducted professional development workshops for Ramapo staff. Melissa is a SENG SMPG certified parent support group facilitator. She is an adjunct professor at Molloy College in Rockville Centre, NY. She resides in Sea Cliff, New York where she maintains her private practice.

Why Parents of 2e Kids Need Their Own Support Group

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Over the course of my career as a clinical social worker, I’ve met or worked with hundreds of twice-exceptional children and their families. In my experience, one of the most important things that parents of 2e kids need is the support of other parents. Parent support groups are typically run by social workers or facilitators [...]