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Miriam A. Nunberg, Esq. is a former attorney with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights and the co-founder of the Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School. She currently runs a solo advocacy and consulting practice in Brooklyn, NY where she advises and advocates for parents navigating the system for getting school accommodations. Visit her website at https://studentequitysolutions.com.

Are Children With High Grades Eligible for a Section 504 Plan? Yes, and…

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By Miriam A. Nunberg, Esq. If your child with a disability has been denied an IEP due to high grades, you may have an easier time getting services under Section 504. This federal law is often overlooked and poorly understood. Worse, often only savvy and wealthier parents have luck obtaining meaningful 504 services, in part because [...]

Can You Be Gifted/2e and Have an IEP?: Making the Legal Argument

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By Miriam A. Nunberg, Esq. As a parent advocate working in New York City, parents frequently tell me “My child was denied an IEP because her grades are too high.” Full stop. At least in the New York City public schools, there seems to be an across the board policy of denying services to students [...]