Understanding My Seasonal Anxiety

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And just like that, another school year has begun. A few lingering mosquito bites and a peeling sunburn reminds me of the fun I had during the waning days of summer, but now it is time to get back to reality. I have dreaded back-to-school season all my life. Summer was my favorite season. I [...]

The Loneliness of Parenting 2e Children

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I was speaking with another parent recently about the difficulty she is having with her twice exceptional 8-year-old. Most of the time he is a sweet, funny kid who likes to make up puns and is obsessed with Lego, Colonial American history and archeology. At the same time, he is prone to frequent meltdowns. When [...]

Recommended Articles for Families of 2e Kids | Vol. 69

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  TECA Insights | Vol. 69 | October 19, 2018 View this email in your browser TECA INSIGHTS Articles and More for Families of 2e Kids Hi folks,I hope everyone had a good week. Things are looking up here, I am glad to say. My step-mom is on the road to recovery, although it will be [...]