Getting an NYC Department of Education Funded Neuropsychological Evaluation

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By Elizabeth Kirk, PRAISEnyc I have seen this story play out dozens of times: A parent of an NYC DOE special needs kid realizes that their child requires a neuropsychological evaluation.  The parent makes a few calls and then has a panic attack as the average NYC neuropsychological evaluation ranges from $5000 to $10,000. When, [...]

TECA’s 2019 Building 2e Awareness & Community Conference is a Huge Success!

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We are back! And we have another Building 2e Awareness & Community Conference under our belts. It was a great day filled with: families and educators; the speakers who came to share their expertise; our sponsors, who shared information on their schools and programs, and; our fabulous volunteers who helped the day run smoothly! We [...]

Advocacy Matters – Raise Your Voice!

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Advocacy...according to Webster’s dictionary, the definition is: the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal: the act or process of advocating for something. As parents of twice-exceptional learners, we are thrust into the role of advocate whether it is something with which we are comfortable or not. ​ I’ve been advocating for my [...]

Can You Be Gifted/2e and Have an IEP?: Making the Legal Argument

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By Miriam A. Nunberg, Esq. As a parent advocate working in New York City, parents frequently tell me “My child was denied an IEP because her grades are too high.” Full stop. At least in the New York City public schools, there seems to be an across the board policy of denying services to students [...]

A 2e Parent’s Trauma: The Calls From School

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Hi folks, I hope everyone has survived another week in the 2e trenches. I have been talking to a lot of parents lately about how things are going for their kids at school and one mom said something that really summed things up for me. She said “Most parents drop their kid off at school [...]

Helping Our Kids With Self-Advocacy

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This week I attended an excellent workshop called Cocktails & Bureaucracy, hosted by a local Brooklyn organization called Extreme Kids & Crew. The topic was Raising A Self Advocate and was presented by Autism expert and advocate Amy Gravino. Wow. She really got my mind racing. She talked about the challenges that people with Autism face [...]

Preparing for Your Child’s IEP Meeting

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 By Scott Cohen, Esq. When it comes to an upcoming IEP meeting, many of you may experience feelings of apprehension, anxiety, and probably even some dread. This is natural, given how unnatural it may seem to sit with a group of strangers to discuss your child’s weaknesses, deficits, and educational future. Nevertheless, you can do [...]

Down The Rabbit Hole by Bonnie Spiro Schinagle, Esq.

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  Mastering the tsunami of information to successfully advocate for 2e children is a challenge. You have to learn three distinct areas: the law, educational methodology and neuropsychology, each with its own vocabulary. Self-study is necessary in all three domains. Knowledge will give you a sense of control over the advocacy piece. There are two laws [...]