A 2e Parent’s Trauma: The Calls From School

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Hi folks, I hope everyone has survived another week in the 2e trenches. I have been talking to a lot of parents lately about how things are going for their kids at school and one mom said something that really summed things up for me. She said “Most parents drop their kid off at school [...]

The Loneliness of the 2e Parent

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I was speaking with another parent recently about the difficulty she is having with her twice exceptional 8 year-old. Most of the time he is a sweet, funny kid who likes to make up puns and is obsessed with Lego, Colonial American history and archeology. At the same time, he is prone to frequent meltdowns. [...]

The Case of the Missing Water Bottle, Part 2

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Some of my readers wrote to me about last week's post, appreciating how I used texting to give my son reminders and support without nagging or telling him what he should do to solve the case of the forgotten water bottle. They also wanted to know what ultimately happened. So here goes... After sending out [...]

Recommended Articles for Families of 2e Kids | Vol. 69

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  TECA Insights | Vol. 69 | October 19, 2018 View this email in your browser TECA INSIGHTS Articles and More for Families of 2e Kids Hi folks,I hope everyone had a good week. Things are looking up here, I am glad to say. My step-mom is on the road to recovery, although it will be [...]