The Intersection of Racism and Twice Exceptionality

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Hi folks, I hope everyone is healthy and safe. Today, with a heart full of anger and sadness, I want to address an important issue that our nation is currently grappling with – racism. While TECA is focused on the needs of twice exceptional children and their families, in light of recent events, I believe [...]

TECA’s 2019 Building 2e Awareness & Community Conference is a Huge Success!

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We are back! And we have another Building 2e Awareness & Community Conference under our belts. It was a great day filled with: families and educators; the speakers who came to share their expertise; our sponsors, who shared information on their schools and programs, and; our fabulous volunteers who helped the day run smoothly! We [...]

Surviving Homework Hell

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It is officially Fall! That means the leaves are turning yellow, nights are getting cooler and homework hell has officially begun. Teachers are assigning homework daily and the content is increasingly difficult. And my son's homework anxiety has re-emerged. Sigh. Even though my kiddo has made great strides at school, homework seems to be his [...]

Advocacy Matters – Raise Your Voice!

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Advocacy...according to Webster’s dictionary, the definition is: the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal: the act or process of advocating for something. As parents of twice-exceptional learners, we are thrust into the role of advocate whether it is something with which we are comfortable or not. ​ I’ve been advocating for my [...]

Understanding My Seasonal Anxiety

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And just like that, another school year has begun. A few lingering mosquito bites and a peeling sunburn reminds me of the fun I had during the waning days of summer, but now it is time to get back to reality. I have dreaded back-to-school season all my life. Summer was my favorite season. I [...]