Sometimes Things Work Out

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Hey Folks! We are deep into summer now with all that entails – intense heat, dazzling sunlight, long days, cookouts, corn on the cob, fireflies, swimming, the smell of sunscreen and bug spray, thunderstorms, melting ice cream cones, and time away from school.  I love everything about it. Summer has always been my favorite time [...]

The Circle Game

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Well, it is official. The school year is finally over.  Hooray! For many years, I felt deeply sad at the end of the school year. I was sad because of all that had gone unrealized over the previous 10 months. I was often sad that my son didn’t make any real friends. I was sad [...]

This Is Growing Up: Summer Activities to Prepare For Independence

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By Melinda Khachaturian, National Director of Admissions & Outreach for College Living Experience (CLE) “It goes by so fast.” All parents of young children hear these words.  Sometimes it’s said with a tinge of sadness, sometimes with wonder, and sometimes with contentment and pride.  And as parents of children who learn differently, it can seem as [...]

Transitioning to Summer

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It's June! And with June comes summer vacation! And with summer vacation comes… anxiety! Yes, anxiety. While many kids gleefully anticipate the start of summer vacation, others feel a growing sense of dread as they contemplate the many changes the end of the school year heralds – leaving familiar friends, teachers and routines and the [...]

Dark Moments

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Hi Folks, Spring can be a tricky time for families of twice exceptional kids. It’s the time of year when students are learning about their school options for the coming year. In some districts, kids go straight from one zoned school to another. In others, or if your child is going off to college, there [...]