Are Children With High Grades Eligible for a Section 504 Plan? Yes, and…

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By Miriam A. Nunberg, Esq. If your child with a disability has been denied an IEP due to high grades, you may have an easier time getting services under Section 504. This federal law is often overlooked and poorly understood. Worse, often only savvy and wealthier parents have luck obtaining meaningful 504 services, in part because [...]

Finding Strengths

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By Lois Letchford My son failed first grade. The year was beyond terrible. Due to family circumstances, he moved on to second grade, with the thought that he would repeat this grade the following year. He was so far behind. I had spoken to his second-grade teacher. I found her to be delightful and caring. [...]

Creating Crises

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Sometimes, if I am entirely honest, I have to admit that I like to create crises for myself. Maybe “like” isn’t the right word.  I do get a certain kind of payoff from it though. I have a well-worn pattern. It starts when I need to do something I am afraid of because I don't [...]

One Teacher’s Experience With 2e Students

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By Rachel DeMaris When I was first introduced to the concept of the twice exceptional learner, I felt the piece of a lifelong puzzle finally drop into place.  “Whoa,” I thought. “That’s me!”  As a highly anxious child, I frequently suffered in silence in the traditional school setting where I was educated. I performed well [...]