Communication is Key with the OSD

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The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) is an invaluable resource for any college student with special needs. I didn’t even know it existed until last summer when I visited the California State University Los Angeles campus. As a “2e” or “twice exceptional” student (gifted and having a disability), starting college at age 14, I [...]

This Is Growing Up: Summer Activities to Prepare For Independence

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By Melinda Khachaturian, National Director of Admissions & Outreach for College Living Experience (CLE) “It goes by so fast.” All parents of young children hear these words.  Sometimes it’s said with a tinge of sadness, sometimes with wonder, and sometimes with contentment and pride.  And as parents of children who learn differently, it can seem as [...]

I Am

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Recently, a TECA member shared this poem with me that her twice exceptional son wrote for his high school English class. I found it incredibly moving and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.   I Am I am a programmer and a gamer. I wonder how things work. I see lines [...]

Transitioning from College to Work and Young Adulthood for the Twice-Exceptional Individual

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By Benjamin Meyer, LCSW and Dr. Devon MacEachron, PhD You did it! Your child has finally received an acceptance letter to a college or university and is beginning his or her first steps toward adult life. All your hard work navigating the treacherous path of diagnosis, remediation, social skills training, OT, PT, gifted programing, IEP’s [...]