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Feeling a little unbalanced and uncertain? You’re not alone. Welcome to this constantly changing time that is our “new normal.” In 2020, the challenge of parenting twice exceptional kids may have just gotten twice as hard. Balancing and maintaining work, home, mental and physical health, hybrid and remote learning, screen time, and play is an exercise in mental and physical acrobatics for every parent. Parents of 2e kids may be feeling particularly isolated from resources right now and can use some special support and encouragement.

The group will address such themes as acceptance, resilience in our children and ourselves, dealing with transitions and changes, parental burn-out, understanding intensities and motivation in 2e kids, power struggles and explosive behavior, screens, perfectionism, stress, and more, and will take into consideration the specific challenges of raising and educating our unique children during these times of unpredictability and uncertainty.

This group is open to parents, guardians, and adult family members of all twice exceptional children and teens.


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