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Sometimes when we speak with our kids, they can react in unexpected ways. A seemingly innocent remark can spark a meltdown or tantrum. Often 2e kids can miss or misinterpret non-verbal cues, take us too literally, can be hypersensitive to the most benign comment or criticism and may not process interactions accurately. In this session, we will discuss ways to engage in more positive and productive conversations with our children. We will learn how to recognize words we use that can be triggering, how to avoid them, and how to communicate more effectively with our children.


Led by TECA President Melissa Sornik, LCSW and co-facilitated by TECA Executive Director Maratea Cantarella, this topic-driven group offers family members the chance to learn and share strategies for parenting our uniquely gifted 2e kids. This group is open to parents and guardians of all twice exceptional children and teens.


Session Fees:    

Premium Family Members – Free

Basic Family Members – $15.00

Insights Subscribers & Non-Members – $20.00

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