Professional Membership Levels

We invite you to join TECA as a Professional Member!  All professionals who work with twice exceptional children, teens and their families are welcome to join our community with a Basic Professional Membership. If you would like additional benefits – including a listing in the TECA 2e Provider Directory, which highlights providers who welcome 2e children, teens and families into their practices – please apply below to become a Standard, Premium, or Exceptional Member.

Basic Professional Membership

  • Subscription to TECA Insights, A Bi-weekly Newsletter
  • Discounted Annual Subscription to The 2e News
  • Discounts on Tickets to TECA Events, Including TECA’s Annual Conference
  • Submit your events to TECA’s Events Calendar
  • Blogging/Writing Opportunities
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Standard Professional Membership

$149 Annually
  • Basic Professional Benefits PLUS…
  • A Standard Listing in TECA’s 2e Provider Directory
  • Listing includes Business Name, Basic Contact Info, Discipline(s), 100 character Business Summary
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Premium Professional Membership

$299 Annually
  • Standard Professional Benefits PLUS…
  • 1 Logo/Image in Your Listing
  • Short Business Description (Up to 1,000 Characters)
  • One Annual Listing in TECA’s Newsletter
  • Add Your Logo to TECA’s Links Page
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Exceptional Professional Membership

$449 Annually
  • Premium Professional Benefits PLUS…
  • Priority Listing in TECA’s Online 2e Service Provider Directory
  • 2nd Image in Your Listing
  • Include Patient/Client Testimonial in Your Directory Listing
  • TECA Exceptional Member Sticker on Your Listing
  • Long Business Description (Up to 2,500 Characters)
  • Weekly Listing in TECA’s Newsletter
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Benefit Descriptions


Subscription to TECA Insights, a bi-weekly newsletter. Content includes a curated collection of articles from around the web on topics relevant to families of twice exceptional kids and the professionals who work with them; a listing of online events and national conferences; news from 2e professionals; inspiration, humor and fun facts to engage your 2e kiddo; and a weekly post from Maratea Cantarella, TECA’s executive director, on the highs, lows and lessons learned from raising twice exceptional and gifted children.

Discounted Tickets to TECA events: Throughout the year, TECA holds a number of events including its annual Building 2e Awareness & Community Conference. TECA professional members enjoy special discounts on these ticket purchases.

Discounted Annual Subscription to the 2e Newsletter: Both founded in 2003, TECA and the 2e Newsletter have a longstanding history of partnership and collaboration. We are pleased to be able to offer all paying TECA members a discount on their annual subscription to 2e News (formerly 2e Newsletter.)

Submit your events to TECA’s Events Calendar: Are you hosting an open house, speaking at a conference or holding some other type of event? Promote your event and generate customers on the TECA Calendar, so that our site visitors can link to your site or event page and learn more about what you are offering.

Blogging/Writing Opportunities: Demonstrate your expertise, knowledge and insights to our audience by submitting a blog or article for consideration for publication on our site, in our newsletter and/or on our Facebook page. Any written submission must go through an internal review and approval process. Often, topics are developed in conjunction with the TECA editorial staff.

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All Basic Professional Member Benefits PLUS…

Listing in TECA’s Online 2e Provider Database TECA has compiled the largest national database of service providers who welcome twice exceptional children, teens and their families into their practices. Because of their expertise working with the 2e population, those professionals listed on the 2e Service Provider Database are able to connect directly with a targeted population of potential customers actively searching for service providers who can meet their specific needs. The database is prominently located on the TECA website, is free to all visitors to our site, and is searchable by Google and other search engines.

As a Standard Professional Member you will get a listing that includes your business name, basic contact information including address and phone number, the discipline(s) you practice and a 100 character description of the services you offer. 

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All Standard Professional Member Benefits PLUS…

One logo or image in your listing: Including a logo or photo with your listing will make it more compelling and attractive to potential clients.

Short Business Description: You will have up to 1,000 characters to describe your services or practice in greater depth. Let families know about the experience you have working with the 2e population.

One Annual Featured Listing in TECA’s Newsletter Insights: TECA Insights goes out to thousands of readers each month. Highlight your practice or work with a featured listing in TECA Insights. This may include a listing in our Events column, an article or blog post you have written, or an advertisement linking to your website.

Add Your Logo to TECA’s Links Page: You will get increased traffic to your website when TECA adds your logo to its Links page.

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All Premium Professional Member Benefits PLUS…

Priority listing in TECA’s online 2e Service Provider Database: Your listing will jump to the top of search results, making it more prominent when people are searching for the services you offer.

Second image in your listing: Bring even more life and color to your listing by adding a second photo or image.

Include Patient/Client Testimonial in your Database listing:  A great way to demonstrate your professional success is by including a client testimonial in your description. Client/patient names can be kept confidential and listed as [FIRST NAME] or Anonymous.

TECA Exceptional Professional Member Sticker on your listing: Show TECA’s site viewers you really care about supporting TECA and that you are a partner in our work.

Long Business Description: You will have up to 2,500 characters to describe your services or practice in greater depth. Describe your full range of services you offer and tell readers about your approach to working with the 2e population.

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