Family Membership Levels


  • Subscription to TECA Insights, A Weekly Newsletter


  • Subscription to TECA Insights, A Weekly Newsletter
  • Access to Discussions, A Member Forum
  • Discounted Price for TECA’s Online Parent Support Groups


  • Subscription to TECA Insights, A Weekly Newsletter
  • Access to Discussions, A Member Forum
  • Discounted Subscription to The 2eNews
  • * Unlimited Free Online Parent Support Groups
  • * Discount on Annual Conference Tickets


  • TECA also has several different Professional membership plans and offers an array of benefits to those working with twice exceptional children and their families. Visit our Professional Membership Page to learn about the benefits of joining TECA.


Subscription to TECA Insights

A weekly newsletter. Content includes a curated collection of articles from around the web on topics relevant to families of twice exceptional kids and the professionals who work with them; a listing of online events and national conferences; news from 2e professionals; inspiration, humor and fun facts to engage your 2e kiddo; and a weekly post from Maratea Cantarella, TECA’s executive director, on the highs, lows and lessons learned from raising twice exceptional and gifted children.

Newsletter Archive Access

Here you will find all the back issues of TECA Insights.

Access to TECA’s Suggested Reading List

If you are looking for additional information on twice exceptionality, giftedness, learning challenges and other related topics, TECA’s reading list is a great place to start.

Access to Discussions, a TECA member forum

Families of twice exceptional children often feel out of synch with their local community and can have difficulty finding someone to talk to, commiserate with and with whom you don’t have to make excuses about your child because they get it. Discussions, TECA’s online members’ only forum provides users with the opportunity to connect to other 2e families to share experiences, strategies, humor and create community.

Discounts on Tickets to TECA Events

Throughout the year, TECA holds a range of events including support groups, workshops and its annual Building 2e Awareness & Community Conference. TECA Family members enjoy discounts on these ticket purchases.

Discounted Annual Subscription to the 2e Newsletter

Both founded in 2003, TECA and the 2e Newsletter have a longstanding history of partnership and collaboration. We are pleased to be able to offer all paying TECA members a discount on their annual subscription to 2e News (formerly 2e Newsletter.)