Member Programs & Services

In addition to its basic programs & services, TECA offers the following exclusively, or at a discount, to TECA members.

Online Support Groups & Workshops

TECA offers an array of online support groups and workshops throughout the calendar year, and all site visitors are welcome to participate in TECA’s online events. Support groups and workshops are facilitated by professionals who have experience and knowledge in topic areas related to the needs of 2e children and their families. Dates and meeting times of TECA support groups and workshops are posted on the TECA calendar. TECA members pay a reduced fee for all TECA support groups and workshops.

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Annual TECA Conference

Each Fall TECA convenes an annual conference for parents. Conference lectures, workshops and activities are thoughtfully planned to provide parents with the infmelormation and resources to help them understand and confidently support their 2e child, and to communicate their child’s needs to others. TECA members will be the first to know about the annual conference and other upcoming events, and will be offered discounted rates for these events.

2018 TECA Conference: Join Us

TECA’s Directories of Professional
Services Providers and Programs

TECA members will have exclusive access to TECA’s directories currently being compiled
in four key areas: practitioners, educational services/programs; enrichment
programs/activities, and camps. TECA’s directories will include programs and
providers who have experience with and knowledge of the characteristics and needs
of 2e children. TECA’s directories will relieve parents of the time consuming
and often overwhelming task of searching through a more general list of resources.

Access to Members-Only Message Board

TECA members can make connections with the greater 2e community of parents, locally and nationally, on TECA’s Message Board.  TECA’s Message Board is a secure, online destination for members to chat about their experiences, ask questions and contribute to the growth of TECA’s online parent community of support.

Discount Subscription Rates for the
Nationally Acclaimed 2e Newsletter

There are resources specifically for gifted children and their families, and those that
support LD kids and their families. The 2e Newsletter is directed squarely at the
intersection of giftedness and learning difficulties providing parents and professionals
with information and resources on raising, educating, and meeting the social and
emotional needs of 2e children.

TECA and the 2e Newsletter have supported each other’s efforts on behalf of the
greater 2e community since 2003, and the 2e Newsletter offers a special subscription
rate exclusively for TECA Members. All TECA site visitors are encouraged to subscribe
to the 2e Newsletter.


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