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  • Maratea Cantarella
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    Frequently parents of 2e kids have difficulty finding a “good fit” school for their 2e child. Public schools often look at their students as either gifted OR special needs. Private schools may have more flexible programs but they can be out of reach for many families, both geographically and monetarily. As a result, homeschooling has become an appealing option for many families of 2e kids. For the uninitiated it can seem daunting. Having good resources is a key to homeschooling success.

    TECA has created the Homeschooling For Families of 2e Kids discussion so its members can talk about all things homeschooling. We hope participants will ask questions, share resources and provide encouragement to one another.

  • Kara Lira
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    We’re currently homeschooling our 2e son who is eight. We live in Las Vegas, NV presently, but will be relocating back to New York next Spring (Rochester-area). Would love to connect with other homeschooling families in NY or elsewhere to exchange ideas, etc. In addition, it would be great to understand your experiences with mandatory state testing for homeschoolers (Nevada has no mandatory testing). Thanks!

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  • Bree Overly
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    We are considering homeschooling our 2e daughter who is 9. I would love to hear from people about their decision making about homeschooling, particularly after their child started school. Thank you!

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