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    Grades, sex, drugs, hygiene, friendships, rebellious behavior and what comes after high school – these are topics they weigh heavily on the minds of many parents of teens. What do you do when your teen is not listening to you and acting out? What other challenges are you facing with your teen? We invite you to share your challenges, triumphs, frustrations, failures and wisdom.

  • jenn@toysastools.cc
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    It’s hard for me to attribute undesirable behavior to puberty. He’s always had undesirable behavior. I have a lot of trouble with impulse control.

  • Kim
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    I feel like puberty exacerbated my kiddos behavior without a doubt. It’s like what was present throughout his life became more and more intense as puberty started full force. Don’t get me started with the B.O fun… yowza. I want to report though, the he’s on the cusp of 17 and is now fully aware of his own funkiness and washes unprompted on a regular basis, yippee! Last night he asked for help shaving and EVEN CUT HIS FINGERNAILS!!! amazing…

    I think these kids are double the fun as tweens and teens (and by fun I mean the horror show that is any puberty ridden human!)

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